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About FourEnergy

FourEnergy is at the forefront in addressing California’s ever-changing new technology wave. The California Community College Economic and Workforce Development initiatives partner with an array of entrepreneurs, labor and public/private agencies to ascertain needed workplace technical training skills. These in turn are translated into an array of curricula and related resources for student and worker technical education programs.

In addition the community colleges, high schools and universities have a vital role to implement for students through career technical education pathways. Through integrating workforce partnerships with career technical education pathways all of these organizations can provide a rapid response to address emerging skill demands in the workplace.

To remain competitive in the global marketplace, California’s businesses will require a workforce skilled in a number of energy areas, including:
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation,
  • Renewable Energy Technologies,
  • Green Building and Sustainability Practices,
  • Energy Systems and Transmission, and
  • Alternative Fuels and Transportation Systems.
Why the FourEnergy Collaborative has taken shape:
Created by the California Community Colleges Economic & Workforce Development Initiative Directors to meet the challenge of California's transition to alternative energy resource development.

Faculty involvement:
A variety of programs and materials are continually being created and provided for faculty. These include:
  • Creation of new energy related curricula and delivery of training.
  • Faculty in-service-training on new energy technologies.
  • Joint faculty participation in workshops/seminars.
Typical clients:
This site focuses on educator training, development, curricula and program assistance. Our students will be the existing workers whose skills need expanding and/or new energy workers for the energy industry; local, regional, state and federal agencies; and public and private businesses in California.

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Key FourEnergy’s Tasks Include:

  • To equip educators to provide training in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable technologies, green building and sustainability, energy systems and alternative fuels.
  • To identify and create programs to address emerging energy technology training for business, industry and their technical workforce.
  • To ensure that California remain competitive as a national leader in renewable technologies, energy conservation, sustainability and advanced transportation technologies.
  • To work with participating energy partners to ascertain sources of private and public funding for expanded education program support in community college, high school and university technical training areas.